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Employment Opportunities

Arett Sales is a family-owned business since 1951 dedicated to providing its lawn and garden customers, suppliers and staff excellent service.

Arett’s mission is to offer the lawn and garden retailer excellence all year in product selection, pricing, and delivery with outstanding customer service support from our on-the-road sales staff and our inside staff.

Our products and services can only be the best if our people are the best. Arett employees are encouraged to be innovative, while our management team provides an environment for them to be successful. We strive to be the best by promoting a culture of teamwork, accountability, partnership and communication with employees, vendors, customers and various outside organizations.

Arett Sales offers full time and part time positions, internships, and co-op opportunities.

The culture at Arett Sales is deeply rooted in its employee's pride in their work, their company, and themselves. Our employees observe high ethical standards and conduct business with honesty, fairness, integrity, and genuine respect for people. The company continuously seeks talent to support the goal of excellence. In addition to a strong working environment, Arett provides competitive compensation packages along with various benefit options.