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Please feel free to contact us with any questions. At Arett Sales, we recognize that our relationship with a customer doesn't end with a delivery. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide services both large and small to our retail customers. We also strive to provide the best customer service and support in the industry. The options below will help you get in touch with us in the easiest way for you and your staff:
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Extensions & Fax Numbers

Dept: Accounting
Ext: 2
Fax: 856.751.4709

Dept: Advertising
Ext: 5
Fax: 856.751.7167

Dept: Credit
Ext: 3
Fax: 856.751.9044

Dept: Customer Relations
Ext: 1
Fax: 856.751.0604

Dept: Employment
Ext: 244
Fax: 856.751.0604

Dept: Personnel
Ext: 244
Fax: 856.751.0604

Dept: Receiving - Bristol, CT
Ext: 4
Fax: 860.583.9634

Dept: Receiving - Troy, OH
Ext: 4
Fax: 937.552.2012

Dept: Sales
Ext: 208
Fax: 856.751.0604

Dept: Shipping - Troy, OH
Ext: 6
Fax: 937.335.3504

Dept: Shipping - Bristol, CT
Ext: 6
Fax: 860.583.9637

Dept: Technical Services
Ext: 218
Fax: 856.751.0604

Dept: TradeShows
Ext: 8
Fax: 856.751.0604

Dept: Operator
Ext: 0
Fax: 856.751.0604

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