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Arett E-Commerce Fulfillment

The Arett E-Commerce Fulfillment program offers retailers access to thousands of items that can be shipped directly to your customers’ door without ever touching the inventory. As a customer of Arett Sales, we will provide you all necessary product information including item name, marketing copy, shipping dimensions, images, a daily inventory file and more. Once an order is placed, simply provide us the order information and we will ship the product to your customer. For more information, contact us today! Why Sell Online?

  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • Create relationships with new customers
  • Increase product offering without investing in inventory
  • Provide customers a more convenient experience
  • Test new products
  • Test new categories

Don’t have an E-Commerce Solution? Arett Sales can help!
Greensmith, Arett’s in-house advertising agency, can build a state-of-the-art internet sales solution that economically puts you into the world of internet retail sales. This fully customizable solution offers an abundance of functionality including, but not limited, to:
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom product selection
  • Multiple fulfillment vendors
  • Automatic order management
  • Coupons and promotion management
  • Unique customer levels
  • Automated email notifications for orders and shipments
  • Product, customer and order management
  • Inventory management
  • Site analytics
  • Product image management tools
  • Product Reviews
  • And more!